5 Benefits of CCTV For Your Business

When it comes to the safety of your business, Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems are one of the most effective security solutions available. Perfect for any size business, the addition of a CCTV system will improve the security of your property significantly by providing real-time surveillance, whilst adding a deterrent to potential trespassers.

Whether you’re considering a CCTV system as a cost-effective security solution to manned guarding, or as an extra pair of eyes to protect your business against trespassers, you can be assured that CCTV will enhance your security measures immensely and provide you with valuable evidence if criminal activities take place.

Visual Deterrence

CCTV systems placed in prominent positions around your business can be enough to deter would-be intruders and illicit activity from taking place in the vicinity of your property. As thieves often look for easy targets and properties with obvious weak points, the sight of a robust CCTV system can make an intruder think twice about entering a property if they think they’re being monitored.

Valuable Evidence

In the unfortunate instance a break-in does occur, CCTV systems provide valuable, unbiased intelligence, which will always be more accurate, informative, and admissible than the accounts of security personnel alone. Providing real-time evidence for both the police and insurance companies highlights how CCTV systems are unchallenged by other security measures. It can also highlight to businesses owners how the criminal activity occurred and what can be done to reduce the likelihood of further break-ins or criminal damage.

Reduce Costs

If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to manned guarding and mobile security patrols, then a CCTV system could be the perfect security solution for your business. A comprehensive monitoring system that provides your premises with high amounts of coverage will reduce the need for additional security measures, helping you to reduce your costs. Additionally, your insurance premiums may also reduce if they know your business is protected by a high-quality CCTV system.

Peace of Mind

Regardless of industry, opportunistic thieving is on the rise and poses a threat to commercial and industrial properties alike. CCTV systems give business owners peace of mind in the knowledge that their premises are being monitored night and day. To get the most out of your CCTV system, be sure to combine it with a CCTV monitoring and response service. This involves vigilant security operatives monitoring your CCTV footage from a remote control room, and if suspicious activity is detected, they are able to deploy a response team and call the emergency services, giving business owners the ultimate peace of mind.

Improves Staff Safety

As a business owner, the safety of your staff is paramount. Installing CCTV in the workplace ensures your staff are protected from assault and harassment and can help to enforce and provide evidence for health and safety regulations, which are often broken unwittingly.

Additionally, CCTV in the workplace enables business owners to monitor their employees’ productivity and also provides useful feedback on how company resources are being used.

Remote Monitoring

Most CCTV systems come with the ability to remotely monitor the live footage, whether that be by the business owner or a remote monitoring security company who are enlisted to monitor the property around the clock. This means that if an alarm is triggered, or suspicious activity is detected, property owners can be alerted immediately and take the appropriate action to safeguard their property and staff.

To find out how Prime Management Group can safeguard your business with CCTV monitoring and response services, get in touch today.

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