What are the Benefits of Mobile Patrols

Have you ever wondered whether mobile security patrols would benefit your business? If so, we’re here to explain how mobile patrols can be a cost-effective alternative to static or manned guarding if those services don’t really fit the bill.

Mobile patrols play a vital role in reducing the likelihood of thefts and criminal damage to property. By using highly liveried vehicles and recognisable uniforms, mobile security patrols can significantly reduce the opportunity for crime, break-ins and vandalism. By combining both vehicle and foot patrols, mobile patrol teams ensure high levels of security and can ensure commercial properties are completely secure.

Mobile patrols are a versatile security solution and can be used for a variety of applications. Depending on the requirements of your commercial premises, patrol units can be utilised to perform both drive-by observations, in marked security vehicles, and internal foot patrols in order to ensure the outside and inside, ensuring all entry points are secure.

Why Use Mobile Security Patrols?

Visible Presence

Mobile security patrol officers wear uniforms and drive highly liveried security vehicles which can be recognised from distance. This ensures that your property has a visible security presence around the clock and signifies to potential criminals that there is comprehensive security in place at your premises. As mobile patrols are not a static security service, security companies often stagger patrols and conduct them at irregular intervals in order to prevent a specific patrol pattern from being detected, making it much harder for opportunist criminals to break in or cause damage to your property.

Patrol Multiple Locations

As a cost-effective alternative to static guarding, mobile patrols allow security officers to patrol multiple locations in a short amount of time. Whether on foot or in the car, patrol officers can monitor multiple areas of your property, no matter its size. By being able to cover ground quickly, mobile patrols provide businesses with the levels of protection a single static guard could not achieve. Additionally, as patrols are conducted in a vehicle, should an emergency situation arise, mobile patrols officers can deal with the situation and prevent the incident from escalating much quicker than traditional forms of security measures.

Range of Security Checks

Mobile patrols are extremely versatile and aren’t limited to simple sweeps of the exterior. Depending on the client’s requirements, patrol officers can carry out a wide range of on-demand security checks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. As well as responding to alarm activations, mobile patrols can also include interior patrols, lock and unlock services and inspecting doors and windows for signs of attempted break-ins, providing the ultimate deterrence against opportunist thieves and criminals.

Keyholding and Alarm Response

Mobile Security Patrols go hand in hand with other security measures such as keyholding and alarm response due to the unpredictability of criminal activity. Keyholding enables quick access to a property if an alarm is activated or suspicious activity is detected and ensures the mobile patrol officers take the to secure the property, whether that be to deploy additional response teams, make their presence known, alert a dedicated point of contact, or call the emergency services directly.


Mobile patrols are an extremely cost-effective security solution that can be utilised in all industries. As static security guards and CCTV systems are often expensive and beyond the budget of smaller businesses, mobile patrols provide the perfect alternative to costly security services, whilst providing high levels of criminal deterrence. Deploying mobile patrols to secure your premises can help to reduce your losses and damage to your assets in the event of a break-in or vandalism.

At Prime Management Group, we deploy effective SIA licensed mobile patrols across the UK, providing companies with a comprehensive and visible security presence that protects their assets, equipment, and personnel. All our operatives are screened and vetted in accordance with British Standards BS7858 in line with our quality management system meeting ISO9001 accreditation. Using the latest industry technology, we ensure that each deployment is comprehensively risk assessed using data from local crime statistics and also local knowledge.

For more information about our mobile patrol service, check out our mobile patrol page.

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