How To Secure Your Business During The Christmas Period

As we enter the festive period, it is important to remember that your property should have adequate security measures in place should it be standing vacant over the Christmas period. For many businesses, Christmas will be their busiest period, but for others, it can mean their property stand empty for weeks. This presents a target for opportunist criminals as empty sites and vacant properties are a magnet for crime, especially in today’s economic climate, where thefts are on the rise.

Prime Your CCTV

CCTV is one of the most sought-after security measures due to its effective crime prevention capabilities. From single cameras to comprehensive multi-level surveillance systems with remote monitoring, starting your security strategy with a comprehensive CCTV system will provide your property, people and assets with round the clock protection.

CCTV cameras can be installed around the perimeter of a property, as well as inside buildings, to provide continuous surveillance. This can help to deter criminal activity, such as theft or vandalism, and can also assist in identifying and apprehending suspects if a crime does occur. Having a CCTV system during the Christmas period can also provide peace of mind for business owners and employees, knowing that their property is being monitored and protected.

Engage with A Remote Monitoring Company

If your property has CCTV, engaging with a remote monitoring company can add an extra layer of protection against criminal activity. Remote monitoring companies typically offer a range of services, including the installation of CCTV equipment, the monitoring of premises in real-time, and the provision of footage and other data in the event of an incident.

Additionally, as cameras are monitored by trained security operatives, they will be able to detect unusual behaviour and suspicious activity and ensure the correct reaction is taken to secure your property, whether that be to deploy response teams, make their presence known through a tannoy operating system of call the emergency services directly.

Hire Security Guards

As one of the most effective methods of protecting your premises, security guards act as a visible deterrent and discourage trespassers, thieves, and vandals. To combat potential threats, security guards use a combination of surveillance techniques, mobile patrols, and conflict management to ensure the highest levels of protection for your property, people and assets. As every site is different, security guards are trained to provide a wide range of services covering different requirements and a myriad of situations.

Hiring a security guard to protect your property over the Christmas period is a comprehensive way of protecting your property. Be sure to engage with an experienced security company that provides SIA licensed, highly trained security officers.

Consider Mobile Patrols

Mobile patrols are a type of security measure in which security guards or other personnel regularly patrol a property in a vehicle, rather than being stationed at a fixed location. This allows mobile security officers to patrol multiple locations in a short amount of time. They are a flexible yet cost-effective option when a traditional full-time security presence is not practical.

Mobile patrols play a vital role in reducing the likelihood of thefts and criminal damage to property. By using highly liveried vehicles and recognisable uniforms, mobile security patrols significantly reduce the opportunity for crime, break-ins and vandalism.

Keyholding and Alarm Response

Keyholding and alarm response are security measures that involve having a trusted third party, such as a security company, hold a set of keys to your property and respond to any alarm activations at the property.

By entrusting your keys to a keyholding company, you can avoid the inconvenience of having to respond to alarm activations yourself, which can be particularly useful if you live far from the property or if you are unavailable at the time of the alarm activation, plus the keyholding company can also provide other security services, such as regular patrols of the property, to help ensure that your property is protected at all times.

Lock and Unlock

Should your property remain open over the festive holidays, be sure to consider a lock and unlock service to protect your people, property, and assets. This service removes the stress and responsibility from employees who shoulder the responsibility of locking and unlocking their place of work.

As most businesses don’t operate 24 hours a day, opening and closing the property an often fall on the staff that are first to arrive and the last to leave. This can put your employees in a vulnerable position as criminals usually target properties under the cover of darkness. By engaging with a lock and unlock company, you safeguard both your property and employees and have the added convince of not being disturbed during inconvenient times should it be your job to attend alarm call outs.

Vacant Property Inspections

If your property is standing empty for a prolonged period of time, vacant property security can protect your empty property, maintain your property’s value, maintain your insurance compliance and ensure it is ready for re-occupancy. Services can include:

  • Steel Doors/Screens
  • CCTV Installation & Monitoring
  • Temporary CCTV Towers
  • Perimeter Protection
  • Intruder Alarms

Unoccupied commercial properties are easy targets for thieves, vandals, squatters and arsonists.  The damage they can cause can leave many building owners and landlords out of pocket and ruin any future plans for the property. By engaging with a vacant property security company, you will benefit a service that will ultimately deter trespassers, prevent anti-social behaviour from taking place on your property, remove hazards and protect you from public liability risks.

Place Security Signs Around Your Property

If you have deployed security measures to protect your property, be sure place clear and obvious signage around the perimeter. Security signs can be an effective visual deterrent alone and can reduce the chances of criminal activity taking place on your premises.

If you’re looking to safeguard your property this Christmas, get in touch today. Here, at Prime Management Group, we provide a wide range of security solutions that protect property, people and assets across the UK.

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